About Us

By choosing and working in our space, we will provide you with a field of practice in a professional environment which can enhance your practice experience with experts with common interests in the interpersonal environment.

About Our Co-working Place

CoLab Point started its journey in 2021 with only a single goal to provide the best working space environment. There are some reasons which make our coworking space different from others: Conveniently located, quiet, and ready-to-use, our private offices are an excellent basis to excel at work. Since what is efficient for one may not be efficient for another, customize your space, so it’s most conducive to your personal productivity. Every business should establish a physical presence, even if it largely operates remotely. Our coworking space is teeming with all the modern innovations.

Our Team

Whenever you find some difficulties regarding any subject, whether it is educational or professional, you must need some help. Likewise, working in a coordinated space, you may also find special help and guidance from professional mentors. They will provide you with complete and professional guidance during your difficult work task.

Naseeb Ullah


Suleman Arshad


Space to make your
greatest impact.

Living in a fast paced world it’s crucial that one comes home to a calm and relaxing space every day in order to rest and recharge.Having the best coworking space contributes to a better mood, better productivity and economic growth and a clearer mind.Located in the heart of the city. Whether you need a business address, a place to collaborate or a quiet space to think and work, we provide a variety of options for every work style and budget.

People Who Love Our Place

People working in our CoLab Point are just addicted to work in our coworking space. There is always a hustle and bustle of people in our coworking space. This is only the devotions and how much they loved to work with us.